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By Neo Bye

A formerly-overweight fitness fanatic who transformed her body by taking up COMPETITIVE EATING has broken records by scoffing a 6,000 calorie burrito in 10 minutes.

Leah Shutkever, 28, from Redditch, Worcs, was caught on camera scoffing the 5lbs Mexican feast at the Mission Burrito restaurant in Birmingham in March 2018.

And the gym bunny has also gone viral with bizarre food challenges including eating a whole jar of Nutella, scoffing 1,000 Jaffa cakes and completing a full English breakfast challenge.

But despite the thousands of calories the professional competitive eater ingests, she claims she has actually slimmed down dramatically since taking up the unusual hobby – dropping from a size 16 in to trim size 10.

Stunner Leah said: “I’m a huge believer your body will represent what you do the majority of the time and for me, I am more fitness than I am competitive eater.

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“I lift weights, train hard consistently and I maintain a pretty healthy weight year-round.

“I eat a clean bodybuilding diet most of the time, and this keeps me fuelled and in a calorie deficit.

“Challenges then replace my weekly cheat meal, which actually bring my calories and glycogen stores back up to fuel me for the next week, and jump start my metabolism.

“The only way I’m able to maintain my figure and still do these challenges is because I eat lots of protein and vegetables most of the time.”

After reaching her heaviest weight of 12 stone and a size 16 as a teenager, 5ft 8in Leah launched a strict diet which saw her drop to an unhealthy eight stone.

After years of battling with her fluctuating figure, she discovered her love of the gym in 2011 and realised life was all about balance.

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Now weighing 12 stone once again, but measuring three dress sizes smaller than before due to her body muscle proportions, Leah wants others to know there really is the chance to ‘do it all’.

She said: “When I was younger I was overweight and weighed around 12 stone, but after this I went completely the opposite way and lost too much weight.

“I ended up at around eight stone between the ages of 18 and 21. My mum was a model, and during her career she was 7 st 5lbs, so I aimed to be that weight for a long time.

“It wasn’t until I met my ex-boyfriend in 2011, who was really into the gym and bodybuilding, that I properly learnt properly about nutrition and training.

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“Over time, I learnt more and more about balance – I restored my passion for good food and really developed the training protocol I enjoyed, which gave me a real escape from life.

“I got myself to a size, strength and shape I was confident and happy with, and this allowed me to be more relaxed with my training and nutrition.

“It’s now just something I do which works for me and I enjoy it thoroughly.”

Discussing the burrito challenge, she added: “I’m very competitive and thrive under pressure.

“I’m pretty confident when it comes to burritos – I find my speed fluctuates in challenges but I refuse to be defeated by food so I don’t let any doubt stop me from completing.”