Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

Have you ever seen a pair of breasts be transformed into a clown? Well you have now as this artist turns inappropriate drawings into art. 

And it’s not just breasts he can transform, but genitals too.

 Alex Solis, 35, combines humour and art into his ‘dirty drawings’ and warns his viewers to keep their mind ‘outta the gutter’. 

Alex, who is from Wisconsin, USA, is a full time artist who also draws superheroes and other animated illustrations. 

He said: “I have always liked drawing, other kids like to play with toys but I loved doodling. 

“It was a fun exercise and a way to show my sense of humour to the world. I make the short videos to to put a smile on my viewers face.”

You can check out Alex’s work here on Instagram @alexmdc