Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith and Rochelle Hughes

An incredible one-armed BMXer is stepping things up a gear in his determination to be the best of a bunch – and said his missing limb only makes him more determined to succeed.

Jack Dumper, 21, was born with one arm due and has faced nasty comments throughout his life but hasn’t let this hold him back from pursuing his dreams – and is now king of the skatepark. 

The supermarket worker, from Bristol, spends all his free time mastering the art of BMXing, tying his hoody sleeve to his handlebar to steady his bike so he can perform impressive tricks.

Jack, who is proud he has turned his disability into a triumph, said: “When I was younger there were a few comment.

PIC FROM Michael Scott / Caters News

“People ask me what happened – but once they see what I can do, they are always impressed.”

In order to perform jumps, Jack has to tie his sleeves to the handlebars and he credits this tip with helping him learn how to lift the bike from the floor.

He added: “Nothing works better than tying my hoody to the handle bars. 

“I often get questions about how dangerous is it to be attached to the bike and my family are always really cautious about me falling, but there are always going to be falls.

“The tied sleeve means that often people don’t realise I only have one arm, and when I come off the bike it always astounds people.”

PIC FROM Michael Scott / Caters News

Jack has been posting his tricks online and has received messages from others who have a disability.

He said: “I just want people to know that there is always a way. Nothing should ever stop anyone from pursuing their dreams. 

“I really want to meet more people like me and hopefully inspire me with my story.”

Jack would love to pursue BMXing full-time but is taking it one step at a time. 

PIC FROM Michael Scott / Caters News

At the moment he would like to inspire other people in a similar position to not let anything stop them.

He said: “You’ve just got to try hard and adapt, if you really want something you work hard and make it happen. 

“I’m lucky that I have a supportive family and friends. 

“I don’t compare myself to other people I just try and improve on myself.”