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By Aliki Kraterou

A hypnotist has trained her mesmerising pooch to be the world’s only HYPNODOG – and she loves to show off her skills in front of celebs.

Princess is a 10-year-old German Spitz who is trained in hypnotism and can apparently send anyone into a trance by looking into her deep brown eyes.


The pooch has previously wowed Simon Cowell and the Loose Women panel, most recently proving her skills by hypnotizing Drew Barrymore on US TV earlier this month.

Owner Krystyna Lennon, who is qualified in hypnosis, claims her talented pup is the only dog on the globe with the skill – but the pooch, who also performs on stage, is soon set to retire from public life.

Mum-of-three Krystyna, 44, from Leeds, Yorks, said: “People think Princess has some magical powers, but that’s not true.

“Actually, you can be hypnotised by anything – even a dog.

“I noticed Princess had a very intense stare as she focuses on whenever we eat – most dog owners discourage this, but we encouraged it.

“Animals instinctively lock their gaze on their prey, so I use her natural ability.


“From this, I started training Princess to look at me. I’d hold out food near my face and say ‘look, look’ until she would stare for long periods of time.

“It took a few months to really get her to stare for as long as is needed, but we just built it up a little at a time, with Princess getting a reward for longer periods.

“I built it up until she could really stare at someone for 20 minutes.

“When Princess stares her pupils dilate and her eyes literally change colour – when I did it, I could feel I started to get really sleepy.

“It is definitely not something that just any dog can do, it is a very specific skill – they either have it or they don’t.


“It’s about their natural ability and it’s also all down to the dog – they need to be very well-trained and well-behaved.”

Krystyna said before Princess hypnotises audience members on stage she will work backstage doing suggestibility tests to find the perfect victims.

The pooch first came into the spotlight in 2015, when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and hypnotised Simon Cowell.

Her other previous ‘victims’ include  James Corden, Nadia Sawalha, Andera McLean and Mrs. Suzuki – and most recently Drew Barrymore.

Krystyna said: “While some people are not susceptible to hypnotism, others will easily fall into a trance.

MERCURY PRESS: Pictured: Krystyna Lennons neighbour Steve is hypnotised by her dog Princess.

“There is a main requirement for hypnotism – to have the person’s full attention.

“Obviously for the act to work they need to be suggestible and be convinced that it’s going to work.

“Princess has a calm nature and stares a lot, she’s also non-threatening which helps.

“Drew was very impressed and said she’d have loved to have spent more time with us.”

Krystyna, who is mum to Leah, 26, Joel, 23 and Tallulah, 13, first trained as a hypnotherapist more than two decades ago after she was hypnotised into having a pain-free birth.

MERCURY PRESS: Pictured: Krystyna Lennon with her dog Princess on Britains Got Talent

She took over the dog hypnotism show from her uncle Hugh, 65, who originally founded it with the first Hypnodog, Oscar, in 1989, when he was forced to retire from performing due to ill health.

Krystyna said: “I helped out Hugh with the lighting and music for the show when I was younger, so I had seen the act hundreds of times before I took over.

“Princess is related to Oscar, the original Hypnodog, but we never intended to use her for the show.

“We noticed that she started to display some of the same attributes that Oscar had – she was very calm and would sit very still and stare.

“So when I took over from my Uncle Hugh I decided to use Princess – and because she is my own dog she reacts so much better to me.”

Krystyna said that Princess loves the attention and working with people but she  is retiring soon as she is getting ‘older and grumpier’.

MERCURY PRESS: Pictured: Krystyna Lennon with Tim Minchin.

In future, the mum will continue her career ‘solo’ with corporate speaking and therapy sessions.

Krystyna said: “Hypnotism is a stage where the mind cannot separate between reality and imagination.

“Being hypnotised is like being drunk – it brings out your inhibitions, and your memory from when you were under does come back, but it’s usually faded.”

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