By Jamie Smith

These squirrels are certainly very EGG-CITED about Easter.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

Jumping into baskets, trollies, and even hot air balloons full of eggs, the wild red squirrels are having a great time getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Their enthusiasm is stoked by a number of nuts hidden amongst the colourful props.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

The decorations were laid out by Dutch photographer Geert Weggen at his home in Bispgarden, central Sweden.

He has spent three years working with the squirrels and various props to turn the wild animals into the perfect posers.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

Geert, 48, said: “Before I shoot photos put out food in places where I hope animals will be and then wait with my camera.

“I create scenes outside with props I collect or make myself.

“It is always a surprise if the animals show up and mostly it turns out differently to how I plan.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

“It’s often the case that they destroy my composition before I can take a photo, then I have to wait for another day to try to capture the photo I want.

“There can be a number of frustrating problems with shooting animals; they do not show up, the light is bad, they do not go to the places I want or they turn theirs backs whole the time.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

“But mostly it is a kind of fairy tale and magic situation.

“I have shot so many amazing works. I am still eight months behind of processing all my shots.”

Geert believes it is best to shoot what you see, and has spent years getting the animals used to him so he can move in for closer shots.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

He said: “If I had crocodiles in my neighbourhood I would try the same with them. Or elephants or people. But I have easy access to squirrels and birds.

“I love them both, but for me the squirrel is more attractive because of their almost human behaviour.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

“They have an enormous range expressions and human-like body movements. That makes it so easy to identify with myself.

Pic by Geert Weggen/ Caters News

“After three years of almost daily shooting the animals are used to the sounds and opening of my window. Some are used that I come near to them to touch them and photo them very close.”