Video Viral

A playful bunch of police officers turned up to a snowball fight with their sirens blaring and holding riot shields.

As heavy powder fell overhead, officers from Duvall Police Department turned on their emergency lights and turned into a playground.

Greeted by a bunch of kids, Officers Rhodes, DeVoir and Clark get behind their shield as snowballs rain over them before they return friendly fire.

Lieutenant Michael DeBock was one of the officers involved and said the community loves their quirky videos.

Lieutenant DeBock said: “The snowball fight was a one-time event, but we are actively engaged in community outreach and periodically make informational or funny videos for our community.  

“We saw a group of kids getting ready to play football in the park and asked them to participate in our video.  

“This was done on the fly and they were happy to assist and get to throw snowballs at the police.”