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By Federico Cornetto

An adorable dog with special needs is living his best life despite a disease which makes him struggle to coordinate his movements.

One-year-old husky Clyde, from Phoenix, Arizona, loves playing with his human and dog friends at the park and going for walks with his owner, April Addison.

Clyde is also social media famous, with over 60,000 followers on Instagram

However, life wasn’t always as easy for the pooch, who just about half a year ago couldn’t even stand up on his own due to a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia.

April said: “I adopted Clyde in early 2018 when he was around five to six months old and he struggled to stand up on his own. 

“Within three to four months he was able to walk more on his own and get up without needing assistance.

“I specifically wanted a dog with special needs because they deserve good homes like any other dog.

“Because I grew up being bullied, left behind and neglected, I felt I understood what they are going through.

“They deserve a chance to thrive.”

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a disease which affects a section of the brainstem responsible for modulating motor impulses, and it is similar to cerebral palsy in humans.

April said: “The biggest challenge in taking care of a special-needs dog is making sure you have lots of patience, time and understanding.

“You must be able to acknowledge every win no matter how small.

“You also need to have the right support system in place, which includes veterinarians, specialists and people who are there for you.”

However, the dog owner claims there are huge rewards to caring for a puppy like Clyde.

April said: “Some of the best things about being Clyde’s mum are the joy and love which spell out of him every day in every way, from the way he walks, waddles, looks at me and falls into me.

“I can never have a bad day around Clyde, because he is a reminder that life is all about perspective.

“He is breathing proof that we are in charge of our happiness.”