Amazing Video

By Michael Scott

Footage has emerged of a daredevil performing an audacious slackline stunt above a Swiss lake – in the first time EVER the brand new trick has been caught on camera.

Samuel Volery can be seen spinning 3,000 feet above ground with properties looking like little dots in the far distance as he completes the ‘DaVinci line’ in the town of Arvenbuel, in the Alps above the Walensee lake.

 Pic by Tobias Rodenkirch/Caters News

His workout in the air, named due to its shape, as it involves spreading the arms and legs between four lines and spinning, was captured by photographer Tobias Rodenkirch last week.

Samuel said: “I was 300 metres [almost 1,000 feet] above the rocks and 900 metres [almost 3,000 feet] above the lake.

“Doing the trick, I definitely got dizzy.

 Pic by Tobias Rodenkirch/Caters News

“It was an amazing feeling with this amazing view and a really cool feeling every time I managed a spin, but was also really exhausting after a while.”

But record-breaking Samuel said while he pushes the limit of what he is capable of to showcase new tricks, he never puts himself in danger and always wears a harness.

He added: “There is a lot that is too extreme for me. 

“I always want to stay safe and secured.

 Pic by Tobias Rodenkirch/Caters News

“I would never free solo, not attached to a safety line, never base-jump or participate in any unsafe practises of this sport.

“I love pushing the limits of the sport, but not of the danger.”