By Dan Coles

This epic selection of images shows a fox in prime hunting mode, showing off an impeccable headstand as she dived down a hole to claim dinner for her young.

Packaging engineer Per Karlsson, 53, from Södertälje, Sweden, snapped the images in Gnesta, Sweden.

PIC FROM Per Karlsson/ Caters News

In the sequence, the fox can be seen diving into a vole warren to catch food for her cubs, showing off vertical headstands off he did, before one final image shows the successful fox with three voles in its mouth.

Per said: “I saw her on a field and slowly approached her to get some shots of the hunt.

“It was impressive to see her devotion and dedication to the hunt.

PIC FROM Per Karlsson/ Caters News

“Even though she sometimes had up to four voles in her mouth, she put them all down if she heard a vole in the ground and would try to catch that one as well.”

Per has been dabbling in photography since the nineties, and said he started taking it seriously in 2016, taking inspiration from nature and animals.

He added: “I was able to capture her acrobatic stunts for several hours, including her walk back to her waiting cubs.

“This is a magical encounter with a female fox.”