Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A clingy octopus held on to a diver’s back even after he jumped out of the sea.

Giuseppe Tortorella was diving off Torre del Greco in Naples on February 2 when his friend Roberto started to come to the surface.

Climbing on to their boat, Roberto wasn’t alone as a bright red octopus was holding on tight to the back of his wet suit.

Trying desperately to separate himself, the cephalopod’s tentacles proved to be too strong as he stayed attached for almost three minutes before finally being dropped back into the sea.

Giuseppe said: “We think the octopus latched on while Roberto was trying to catch a fish and it got spooked.

“It was originally on his arm and then moved over as he came to the surface.

“Because the outer surface of his suit was very smooth, he couldn’t get rid of him.

“I could have helped but I was enjoying the scene too much.”