Life Video

By Andrew Kao

A surprised son was overcome with emotion after he was given a brand-new puppy.

When Katie and Chris Downs lost their family dog, Mellow, they decided they would make some donations to Stray Rescue of St Louis, Missouri.

Little did their six-year-old son Leo know, it was he who was going to receive a donation in the shape of a new pooch on February 1.

As a volunteer walked around the corner, Leo instantly burst into tears as he spotted Pitbull mix Nutty-Buddy and could barely get his words out as he asks if he is theirs.

Katie said: “Anywhere Leo was, Mellow was sure to be right next to him.

“We graduated Leo to a bunk bed earlier last year and he got the bottom bunk.

“After almost 4 months, we came across Nutty-Buddy.

“We decided it was going to be a surprise for Leo.  

“When we walked in, I whispered to Teri behind the desk, ‘we are here to also adopt Nutty-Buddy, my son behind me has no idea’.

“She winked sent me the paperwork via text and the rest is history.”