Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This grandma fainting at an impersonator proved that even from beyond the grave Elvis Presley make girls of all ages weak at the knees.

At a family celebration of her 50th wedding anniversary, self-confessed Elvis super-fan Kathryn Sheppard had a jailhouse shock in store for her to mark this special milestone.

Lurking behind her in a white jumpsuit, Elvis had well and truly entered the building at her son’s house in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada, sending her into a schoolgirl-like frenzy.

Overcome with excitement, Kathryn begins clapping and screaming for the ‘secret love of her life’ but passes out and falls to the floor fortunately cushioned by daughter Diane.

Diane, who orchestrated the surprise, said: “At first we were really worried to see her faint like that, but she came around after a few minutes and we all couldn’t stop laughing about it.

“She is a huge Elvis fan but never had the chance to see him live, so I think all those years of anticipation got a little too much for her, even though he wasn’t the real thing.

“Mum had absolutely no idea we’d organised it and she loved it, once we’d given her some water, she sat smiling from ear-to-ear and singing along all night.

“She’s always expressed her regret that she never got to see him, so on her special day we thought we’d give her a moment she wouldn’t forget.

“Safe to say I think it worked.”