By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A loved-up couple trekked up a mountain for three hours to pose for a unique photoshoot – 4,967ft above ground.

Wedding photographer, Makayla McGarvey, 22, managed to capture the stunning photos on top of Cathedral Rock in Arizona, US.

Pic by Makayla McGarvey/Caters News

With Makayla in tow, Sabrina Summers, 24, wore a glitzy dress for the full three hour climb which she took on with partner, Nate Lawrence, 28.

Makayla captured the pair during the hike in a series of amazing shots as well as when they reached the top of the rock.

Driven to get the most eye catching images, Makayla – who now specialises in wedding and engagement shoots for her own business – advertised a competition to give away a photoshoot to the winning couple on a unique location.

Pic by Makayla McGarvey/Caters News

Makayla said: “I’d been planning to take someone to Cathedral Rock for a while and when Sabrina and Nate won, I knew I’d be able to get the perfect shoot.

“I literally drew names out of a hat, and fell lucky.

“I’d worked with them before and they’re a couple that are up for everything.

“This particular hike involved rock scrambling, and it was definitely one where we’d get messy.

Pic by Makayla McGarvey/Caters News

“You usually see climbers with the full gear – backpacks and everything, attempting this hike so we were definitely getting a few funny looks from other people on the trail.

“Sabrina had on a gorgeous black sequin dress but it was leaving a little trail of sequins everywhere she went.”

Sabrina, who works in marketing, said: “Truth be told, this wasn’t my first experience being athletic while dressed in heels.

Pic by Makayla McGarvey/Caters News

“I remember on one of our first dates I ended up running through the Universal Studios backlot in high heels, right through the courthouse scene where the film’ Back to the Future’ was shot.

“We definitely like adventure but it’s not every day you get to be models on the top of a mountain in Sedona.”

Nate, who is yet to pop the question despite the romantic engagement-style photos, added: “We are happily dating.

Pic by Makayla McGarvey/Caters News

“We think all stages of a relationship deserve to be captured and remembered.

“Although I’d like to note that the bar for our actual engagement is now ridiculously high.

“We both loved stepping over the ridge at the top and seeing the sunset; it was breathtaking.

“The sense of accomplishment reminded us that if Sabrina can climb a mountain in a dress, we can do anything we set our minds to.”