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By Niamh Shackleton

Two elderly best friends who were separated for 70 YEARS have finally been reunited after moving to the same care home.

Nora Boardman, 91, relocated to her new care home last August and her long lost pal, Eileen Gill, 89, arrived in January.

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The pair – who were childhood best friends – recognised each other straight away despite being parted for seven decades.

Nora, who lives in Crispin Court Care Home, Stafford, said: “I never thought I’d see Eileen again after we went our separate ways as children – it was so nice to see her.”

The childhood friends both grew up in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, but Eileen moved away to Brewood around the age of 12, causing them to lose touch.

Eileen has finished school by this point and went to work on a farm, whilst when Nora finished school, she was earning two shillings a week building hand grenades.

The pair now spend their days causing trouble together and only live a few doors down from one another.

Nora said: “We try spend a lot of time together – if we don’t see each other much during the day, we’ll always have dinner together.

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“Eileen will come behind me and touch my arm to let me know she’s there.”

During their time apart – both ladies got married: Eileen was married to Ted for 49 years, who passed away 14 years ago, and Nora was married to Bob for 55 years, who died 4 years ago.

Eileen said: “The day I got married was the best day of my life – it honestly was.

“Ted was so good to me and I miss him so terribly much.”

Whilst Nora didn’t have any children, Eileen boasts three, two daughters and a son, six grandchildren and two great children as well, all of whom come to visit.

As Nora doesn’t have any family, Eileen’s family have taken her under their wing.

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Nora said: “They have all been very nice to me – I feel like an extended part of their family.”

Both pensioners have had falls in recent years, and both were struggling to care for themselves and their homes, which is how they came to stay at the care home.

After rekindling their friendship in recent weeks, the pair feel like they still have just as much in common despite being apart for over 70 years.

Whilst they are getting on like a house on fire, Eileen’s residency at Crispin Court isn’t set in stone, with a chance she may be moved to another home.

She said: “I’m not sure what’s going to happen next but one thing I can say is that it’s the happiest I’ve been in months.

“I’ve been happy here since day one and I don’t really want to go back to where I was.”

If the unfortunate event happens that the pair have to part ways once again, they promise to keep in touch with one another this time.