Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A couple have captured a hilarious video of their dogs while teaching them to walk in boots.

Kieran and Yasmin Beckles, owner of Skye and Copper, shared the side-splitting footage of the dogs running through their London flat wearing special dog boots.

The video on the dogs’ Instagram page, @ispywithmylittlesky, has received thousands of views and comments.

Kieran said: “They always do this inside the flat since we bought them. Once outside, with all the smells and sounds, they soon forget they’re walking them.

“It still makes us chuckle when we put them on. I’m not sure it will ever get old.”

Kieran who is 29 and Yasmin who is 25, shared the filming of the dogs and regularly update Skye’s Instagram page.

The dogs, which are Alaskan Klee Kai, were brought to London in January after living in California.

The tiny dogs, who weight only 4.5kg, had their first encounter with snow this month.

He added: “Despite the breed starting in Alaska, since they’ve been born, we’ve had dry seasons in California. So this is the first time they have seen rain – and definitely their first time with frost and snow.

“Copper and Skye have been on quite the adventure in 2019 so far. They had a 10-hour flight from San Francisco (where we used to live) to Heathrow in January. They had to go in the cargo, which was a stressful experience for them and us.

“Fortunately, despite the rain and cold weather, they have adjusted very well – the void of leaving the red squirrels and coyotes of the Bay Area behind, has been filled by all the grey squirrels and red foxes in London.”

Skye, who is black and white in colour and Copper, who is red, have had lots of comments from fans who say their bouncy running has cheered them up but others have said the boots are a form of animal cruelty.

Kieran added: “We’ve had a lot of people thank us for brightening up their day. Some saying dogs walking in boots is their new favourite thing on the internet.

“We’ve had some people express concerns about animal cruelty but the shoes are used to protect against harmful chemicals in salt. Our vet recommended them.”