Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A prankster has captured the moment he managed to get hot chocolate powder to blow up in the face of his unsuspecting friend.

Mike Comber is seen pretending to examine contents of the tub and invites pal Gareth Ellis to do likewise.

But the moment his friend puts his head towards it the powder explodes in his face.

Serial prankster Comber can be seen with a grimace on his face as he plans the elaborate trick.

And once it comes off he can’t contain his delight.

Revealing why he did it, the 26-year-old, from Somerset, said: “It was an easy target and easy prank.

“I was relieved he fell for it.

“Everyone loved it, even him.”

The stuntman-in-training added that he had got his friend twice but was “still waiting” for Gareth to be able to get the better of him.