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By Charlotte Nisbet

A desperate family has spent £10k in a bid to find a missing Cockapoo who vanished four years ago.

From hiring pet psychologists to paying for ‘missing dog’ banners and leaflets, Dawn Purvis, 46, and her family have tried it all to get their beloved pooch, Izzy, back.

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It has now been four years since Izzy, a fluffy blonde cockapoo, went missing but her family have refused to give up.

After initially being spooked by a workman at their home on February 16 2015, Dawn says she’s tirelessly searched for Izzy and even slept on the sofa for months incase she returned home during the night.

The family, who love Izzy ‘unconditionally,’ are still hoping for her safe return and have offered £3,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to her safe return

Dawn, a management accountant, from Radcliffe, Manchester, said: “It has been a complete nightmare for the past four years.

“Izzy is a huge part of our family and not knowing where she is has been heartbreaking.

“She followed my husband, Ian, 48, everywhere and would even go to work with him as a general manager.

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“We’ve put posters and banners up everywhere, we’ve had leaflets and paid for mass emails to be sent.

“I have met with a pet psychologist to try and trace her footsteps.

“I’ve met with pet mediums across the UK to find out whether they believe she’s still alive.

“Ian and I have driven to dog shows wearing our “Find Izzy” t-shirts and have stayed overnight all over the country in a bid to try and track her down incase she had been sold to someone else.

“We have spent around £10,000 in total but it’s not the monetary value we care about it’s the emotional toll it has had on all of us as a family.

“It doesn’t get any easier as time passes, we are in constant limbo and we’ve had numerous hoax calls over the years which have been devastating too.

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“She’s still registered on DogLost UK four years on and we’re just praying for a miracle.”

Izzy escaped from her home after she was spooked by a workman who entered her home unexpectedly and set the house alarm off.

Dawn added: “The workman tried to get her back in the house but the more he chased her, the more she ran.

“I never imagined we’d still be looking for her now, I still get very upset about it all.

“I don’t understand how something can just vanish, we are so desperate for her to return home.

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“We have no idea where she is, I have knocked on doors on streets all over the area but no one has seen her

“For anyone who thinks I shouldn’t still be looking for her, or even has her and doesn’t want to give her back, I would ask them to walk a day in my shoes.

“I know it doesn’t compare to losing a child but Izzy was our baby and we love her so much.

“I really hope that if anyone has any information about her that they get in touch.

“She’d be nine years old now and not a day that passes gets any easier without her.”

A spokesperson from DogLost UK said “Since the day Izzy went missing, Dawn and her family have been extremely proactive in raising awareness for her; it’s true testament to the fact that Izzy is a much-loved and hugely missed part of their family.

“They have never given up on her and have done everything possible to find her and bring her home.

“We want to encourage anyone who knows what happened to Izzy or may have acquired Izzy, not knowing she was was a missing member of this family, to please get in touch with DogLost directly on 0844 800 3220.

“Izzy is microchipped and spayed.”