Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A dog pooped all over the living room leaving his owner to come to quite a mess. 

Wilson, the four year old Bulldog, left several parcels on the carpet which his owner, Nichola Todd, 32, discovered.

She said: “I smelt it before I saw it, I knew there was something wrong… 

“I was rushing back from work to let him out before heading out to work again so it was definitely not what I needed to come home to.” 

Despite Nichola’s shocked response, Wilson sat on the sofa completely aloof, and Wilson wasn’t the only one with no sympathy. 

Nichola said: “Everyone thought it was hilarious and had zero sympathy for me – they thought he was a legend. 

“He never ever does this in the house so to find that was pretty shocking; his face just sat on the sofa all proud surrounded by all that poo is what got me laughing.” 

Sh*t happens, I guess.