Animals Video

By Nelson Groom

Extraordinary footage captures the moment a python devoured a currawong bird while dangling from the roof of an Australian home.

In proof nowhere is safe from deadly wildlife Down Under, the video shows the serpent hanging its lifeless prey from the television antenna above a Kingscliff home in NSW.

Cathy Gall, 60, came outside to feed her dog on Wednesday morning when she witnessed the brutal display of nature unfolding above.

The python is understood to have caught and killed the currawong but struggled to eat it – before a protective flock of defensive kookaburras began divebombing it.

Cathy said: “I remember seeing this lump on the antenna and thinking; ‘what on earth is that’?”

“I made out feathers and claws sticking out and I thought ‘oh my god that’s a python!’.

“I would have thought I’d feel sick watching it but I was mesmerized, I reached for my camera straight away because I knew it would go viral.”

The video has racked up thousands of views and comments from over the planet – many declaring the cliché about Australian wildlife has been well and truly confirmed.

In a fascinating twist, a group of kookaburras came to the defence of the currawong and swooped the python while it was wrangling its kill into its jaws.

Carpet pythons are Australia’s largest species of snake and can grow up to eight metres long.

Though they are non-venomous, they can inflict a painful bite and there is even evidence of the mammoth reptiles making a meal out of wildlife as large as kangaroos.

Cathy said: “It was eating it by the head but didn’t want to eat the beak, for some reason.

“It went on for hours, the snake was determined not to lose its meal.

“This is nature right in front of us.”