Video Viral

By David Aspinall

Shocking footage captured a thug bodyslam a traffic cop before pushing his partner over a railing and kicking him.

In crazy scenes captured on a road in Chongqing in January, one police officer was picked up and thrown down to the tarmac in front of a car.

With the first cop prone on the floor, the assailant turns his attention to his colleague, shoving him through a metal railing in between lanes.

Following up on the initial attack, he then aims a kick at the fallen officer, all caught on camera by the owner of Instagram page Shanghai Observed.

He said: “I have no idea what the fight was over, but right before I started recording there was a lot of shouting.

“It was very sad to watch.

“A lot of the traffic police are not equipped to be in that position.

“They are usually not trained and just there to be around in numbers.”