Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

This is the hilarious moment a crane attacked its own reflection in a glass door.

Cassy Rivers, from Windermere, Florida, was working at Windemere Elementary School earlier this month when she heard some mysterious noises.

Cassy, 54, was amazed to find a sandhill crane pecking at the glass doors and soon realised the bird was trying to fight – or perhaps make friends with – its own reflection.

Cassy said: “I heard a banging noise and got scared it might be some animals fighting.

“There was damage to the door, about 12 to 15 scratches.”

Incredibly, this was not the first time Cassy had witnessed the phenomenon after the same thing at her home nearby happened with another smaller crane earlier this month.

She added: “He was outside for a good 10 minutes before I eventually drove him away.

“The glass was ok. He was so involved with his reflection he didn’t care about me getting closer and closer.”