By Kristiana Hall

As the UK thaws, this beautiful set of images reveals the extent of winter in Russia – from a whole new angle.

Photographer Maksim Tarasov, 33, from Chelyabinsk, Russia, has spent the last four years snapping the stunning aerials across the country’s Southern Urals.

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

His pictures reveal a mixture of landscapes across the area including husky carriages, skiers, flocks of reindeer, ice hockey players and more.

Maksim said: “With these aerials I found a new dimension to my photography, the ability to see the earth from the skies.

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

“Even the common places look different from above, all you need to do is go up.

“Everything looks different from the skies, it’s a different world – which is hidden from people.”

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

Maksim started taking aerial photos in 2015 after buying a drone he could attach his camera to.

He continued developing the images in the wintery gallery over the next four years, with the most recent this year.

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

With aerial photography Maksim said he has come across a range of difficulties he came across, including laws in Russia which prohibit drones from taking flight.

Another issue he found was the equipment he uses freezing and shutting down due to the sub-zero temperatures.

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

Initially, Maksim said he was getting fantastic shots by accident, but after a short time his abstract thinking developed and he can now visualise the kinds of shots he’ll get depending on the environment.

Maksim said: “Air shooting changed not just my views on photography but my views on life.

PIC FROM Maksim Tarasov/Caters News

“I often say to myself – you never know what you are going to see before you really see it.

“My main motivation is to search, investigate and show others what I discover.”