Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A disgusting spitting fight broke out in the middle of a busy road over a dangerous crossing.

In the centre of Wuxi, China, in February, two men were engaged in a heated argument before things turned vile.

Supposedly after one man wearing a blue jacket had tried to cross at an inopportune moment, the driver – wearing an orange jacket – became incensed.

After firing insults at each other, the pedestrian reverted to spitting at his adversary, leading to the fight to escalate.

Turning the tables, the motorist chases the pedestrian off by constantly firing mouthfuls of phlegm his way.

The owner of the Instagram account Shanghai Observed said: “Spitting isn’t very common but it can happen when there is a big crowd. 

“Whoever throws the first punch is going to be the one who gets in trouble.

“So that is avoided at all costs. 

“This results in people spitting on each other which does not get you in trouble with the law. 

“The driver just got back in his car and drove off.”