Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

An orphaned baby donkey looked after by two sheep is now convinced she’s one of the herd.

Miniature donkey Roberta has been looked after by staff at Folly Farm Animal Sanctuary in South Wales after she lost mum Margi in December last year.


Unable to feed herself, the 3ft 36in foal had to be cared for and bottle fed by farm manager Jane Hill, 52, and assistant farm manager Kim Brickell, 27.

But both Kim and Jane became concerned Roberta was enjoying her home comforts too much and becoming too humanised after being looked after by them.

So, they decided to introduce Roberta to two sheep which also live on the farm – Lamby and Snowy, both one – with incredible results.


The trio got on like a house on fire, and now Roberta, who shares a barn with her new pals, has picked up tips from her new friends – and begun to act in a decidedly sheep-like way.

Jane said: “We didn’t want Roberta to become too humanised so we decided it was best to pair her up with some sheep.

“Now that she’s moved into the barn, Roberta has been ‘adopted’ by Lamby and Snowy, who she lives with.

“The lambs teach her all the things her mum would have done, such as learning how to graze on grass.


“I think she thinks a sheep as she chooses to play with the sheep rather than the donkeys.

“Lamby and Snowy have even showed Roberta how to eat grass like them.”

Jane said Roberta frequently cuddles up to the pair when they sleep and revealed neighbouring goats in the same barn have even been providing her with milk.

Roberta is able to stretch her legs in the barn’s adjoining paddock, where she spends her days out in front of the public along with Lamby and Snowy before going back inside in the evenings.

Adorable footage shows the trio playfully running around the paddock without a care in the world.

Jane said the lambs teach Roberta the same essentials that her mum would have done.

She added: “Thanks to Lamby and Snowy, Roberta’s future is looking good.”