Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A creative homeowner 3D printed two of his own snow blowers to clear his garden.

While the polar vortex battered Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ryan Butler was well prepared to deal with the wild weather.

Using his remote-controlled helpers, the blowers can shoot piles of snow up to 11 inches away.

Ryan, who owns Spyker Workshop, said: “Overall hundreds of hours went into the development of these machines.

“Most of my summers are even spent working on upgrading these machines.

“Its purpose is to create a new refreshing way to deal with snow that saves on peoples spines from shovelling.”

Ryan got the idea from his gas-powered machine, which he loved, but hated the smell of the fumes.

He said: “It was around the same time I bought a 3D printer and I’ve always been into RC toys my entire life, so it just clicked to try and make one.

“The biggest advantage is being able to shovel from the comfort of inside your house.”