Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A venomous snake had to be rescued from the under side of a car after getting trapped in its tyre.

Barry Goldsmith was called to a home in Flinders, Victoria, Australia, on January 21 after the homeowner spotted a tiger snake in his back garden.

Trying to escape, the spooked serpent crawled into the base of a nearby car and wrapped itself around its mechanics.

Crawling under the chassis, Barry – who owns Snake Catchers Victoria – and helpers try and ease the reptile out of the piping.

 After more than an hour of attempts, where the snake even manages to wedge itself in the tyre, the group have to resort to driving it on to a patch of grass where they finally wriggle it free and release it back into the wild.

Barry said: “It took a lot of blood sweat and tears to free the snake from the car.

“The best thing in this situation is to get the car up to a high place.

“You can then wrap some pipe around the petrol tank and chassis so it can’t get stuck in there.”