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By Dan Coles

This UFO expert claims to have discovered brand new ‘smoking gun’ evidence PROVING an apparent alien abduction did take place nearly 50 years ago.

On October 11 1973, friends Charles Hickson, who has since died, and Calvin Parker, 64, were fishing in Pascagoula, Mississippi, when they claimed a flying saucer landed close by before aliens transported them onto their ship.

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The pals always protested they had been held hostage and examined by the Martians but no proof of this was ever discovered and the cold case became one of the most infamous in extraterrestrial history.

Now author Philip Mantle, 60, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, has found new evidence he claims proves Charles and Calvin had injection marks on their arms – tallying with their accounts of being ‘punctured’ by the beings.

Boffin Philip has since contacted thrilled Calvin, who had never before seen the evidence which shows his terrifying encounter could indeed be a matter of fact rather than fiction.

Phil said: “I’ve been involved in UFO research for over 40 years.

“I’m the type of chap that wants to find the answers for myself, I’ll press the button that says ‘don’t press’.

PIC FROM Caters News: The original document that has been used for evidence

“The Pascagoula case is so different from any of the others because we have two witnesses to what happened.

“The authorities didn’t believe the story, but they secretly recorded the victims talking after their interview who didn’t falter on what they had told them – leading them to believe that this was a genuine instance.

“Two doctors visited them and gave them a polygraph which the victims didn’t show any signs of deceit in, and announced that perhaps there was something to this story.

“I showed Calvin the document that was sent to me and he was absolutely amazed.

“Calvin knew that the doctor examined them, so to see the same doctor’s name on a document that states they did have injection marks was astonishing to him.”

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Calvin and Charles were fishing from a pier over the Pascagoula River when they claimed to spot a glowing object which appeared to be hovering above the ground.

Calvin said they saw blue lights coming from the ship before ‘robot-like’ aliens then left the craft and transported them onto it to evaluate them.

The two men claimed at the time to have been injected by something by the aliens on board before being examined and released.

The document Philip has discovered is a typed medical examination report written by Dr. James Harder – one of the doctors who examined then men after the abduction.

He obtained the never-before-seen papers in a bundle of documents which came from the J Allen Hynek centre for UFO studies in Illinois.

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It confirms both victims did had puncture wounds in their arms, a claim they both made at the time.

Remembering the abduction, Calvin said: “Three robotic looking creatures came towards us, they got a hold of us, there was nowhere to run.

“They injected us with something, I don’t know what it was, but I felt a puncture.

“They picked us up by the arms and floated us towards the ship.

“They took us aboard and put us in separate rooms on an examination table.

“I was dazed and couldn’t move, something came into the room that looked human.

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“She had a mouth nose and eyes – but her mouth never opened.

“They had fingers like us, but the middle finger was much longer.

“Then it put its finger down the back of my throat, found the curve and went through up my nasal cavity.

“I couldn’t stand the pain, but she said she wasn’t here to hurt me.

“I felt another injection, then they carried us out. Then they just disappeared.”

The case became a media storm in which reporters were travelling far and wide to get answers on the event as it was happening.

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At the time, Dr Harder, from the Aerial Centre Phenomena Research Organization, raced to the victims to interview them.

Throughout the interviews, Calvin repeatedly claimed he had been injected with a substance whilst captured.

In summaries, Harder and Dr J. Allen Hynek, another expert, both agreed the pair’s experience had been genuine with a lie detector test also showing no signs of deceit.

Philip first became involved in the case in 1990 and spent many years attempting to track down Calvin and Charles to speak to them about what happened.

In 2011 Charles passed away but in 2015 Philip obtained the rights to re-publish Charles’ own book and wanted to speak to Calvin, who was still alive, for an update.

In 2017 they finally made contact and after a few conversations they published Calvin’s book which ended up becoming a best seller – before he found the paperwork after the bundle of documents was emailed to him last year.

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Philip believes as Calvin remembers doctors discussing the puncture wounds at the time there’s no doubt this the document is genuine and has proven providence.

He said: “I had been sent some documents that went into the book but my search for documentation had only just began.

“I found this document inside a pile of newspaper clippings that were sent to him by the Centre for UFO Studied.

“We can’t work out exactly why a document this important was left out of the public eye for so long but it must’ve got lost and overlooked.

“This document proves that the doctors on the case had evidence supporting what the victims were saying – it’s proof with prominence.

“I don’t have any idea as to why the public were never made aware of this, but as Hynek and Harder are both deceased so they can’t check.

“Calvin had never seen it, he remembered Dr Harder talking about it but he had never seen the document himself.

“He was absolutely amazed.”

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Calvin and Philip believe this to be the evidence they had been looking for to prove what happened on that fateful day in 1973.

Calvin is now making a trip to a conference in the UK called ‘The Closest Encounter’, on August 17 this year, where he will speak about his abduction.

Philip said: “There is very little documentation on this case, and who knows what this evidence will uncover.

“We have two witnesses who came forward recently saying they had witnessed what happened, but we’re still trying to get them on board and tell us what they saw.

“This is only the beginning and were confident that more will be uncovered.

“This evidence is unique, in not aware of any other instance that has this level of supporting evidence.”

Calvin added: “I knew I had been injected with something and it shocked me that Dr Harder had realised it.

“Everybody was in the dark about it – I’ve always had the attitude that I didn’t care if people believed me or not.

“I’m glad that stuff is starting to come out.”

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