Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the stomach-churning moment a daredevil thrill seeker leaps over gaps between beams on a hotel roof – 400 feet in the air.

Oliver Nordin filmed the nail-biting footage on the top of the high-rise building in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.


It shows the 28-year-old, from Gothenburg, Sweden, jumping from beam to beam as he shoots the vertigo-inducing video using a camera in his mouth.

Adrenaline junkie Oliver, who spends most of the year traveling the world, spotted the beams as he checked into his hotel.

He said: ‘The day when I had decided to do it I was anxious for hours before.

“When I got there I spent around an half hour planning exactly where I wanted every single footstep to be.

“I wanted to make sure my strong jumping foot was used for the longer jumps.

“I waited for the right moment when security was far away and went out.

“It felt incredibly easy – almost to a point to where it could have been dangerous.


“Feeling fear or unwary are both equally dangerous.

“I noticed the feeling and put extra focus into the precision of every step.”

The clip begins with Oliver, who carried out the stunt alone, looking to the ground below as he used his mouth to film the footage.

He then begins to hop from beam to beam before beginning to build up speed. At one point he is forced to raise his arms as the wind threatens to knock him off balance.

Oliver said he finished his stunt after the security guard noticed him and called for back up.

He added: “I think it was a perfect situation for a POV angle because it makes it more real for the viewer.

“I would have preferred to have multiple angles but it wasn’t possible as I went there alone.

“Some people think it’s cool. Some think it’s idiotic. Some think it’s both.

“To me the goal with life is to live life, not avoid death.”