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By Lucy Notarantonio

A ‘fat but fit’ plus size fitness guru claims she is as healthy as she’s ever been – despite being morbidly obese.

Certified fitness instructor Tracey Haynes, 37, has a strict six times a week exercise regime and follows a healthy diet with just one cheat day a week.

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Despite doctors telling her she is morbidly obese, Tracey feels fitter than ever and states ‘plus size is just the way I am’.

The support worker, who is 17 stone, believes health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a weight and has thanked Instagram for inspiring her to upload workout videos.

Tracey said: “I used to look on Instagram and see super toned girls doing workouts and immediately think ‘I couldn’t do that’, so I wouldn’t even try.

“I’ve accepted I’m not going to be super ripped, but I will be someone out there who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite being overweight.

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“When I first started uploading videos, there were a lot of trolls.

“Plus size people said I wasn’t plus size and proud, and slimmer people said I didn’t know anything about fitness because I was fat.

“But I have proved them all wrong. I’ve continued to work out and while I might not look like the average gym goer, I am.

“I am who I am, and that is plus size. I used to give up on diets and exercise because I wasn’t dropping down to the weight doctors had advised.

“I want people to feel positive and good about themselves.

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“Some people, like myself, are just naturally big boned but that doesn’t mean we are unhealthy.”

Tracey became a certified fitness instructor in January and now trains people online, following the Insanity work outs by Shaun T.

Her average daily diet plan consists of protein shakes, porridge, fruit, chicken salad, fish and vegetables.

And while she has tried in the past to shed more weight, with doctors telling her 10 stone was the healthy size for her frame, Tracey insists she is completely happy in her own skin.

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She said: “I was the girl who collapsed after four press ups and I wasn’t afraid to share it because we all have to start somewhere – but Instagram inspired me to do my own thing.

“The first thing that would be flagged at any medical appointment was my weight.

“I was told I should be 10 stone as that is healthy for my BMI, but I don’t think I have ever been that in my adult life.

“I have been eating healthy and clean eating for the past three years and my health has massively improved.

“My asthma used to always lead to chest infections, and I would need steroids every few months but now I just require an annual asthma check.

“I never used to leave the house as my joints were a massive problem.

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“If I walked to the shops and be in severe pain for days but now I am fitter than ever and able to run there and back.

I will never be a size eight, the smallest I have ever been is a size 14 and I accept that.”



Pre-workout: 16 oz of water

Post-workout: Protein shake with almond milk and banana

Breakfast: Porridge with superfood shake base, topped with fruit, 2 egg white omelette with spinach.

Snack: Choice of chopped veg/protein bar/fruit

Lunch: Chicken/steak salad loaded with nuts, avocado and berries

Dinner: Fish or chicken with vegetables.

Sugar cravings: fruit

Cheat day: Takeaway of choice and chocolate