Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A stealthy jaguar crept up on an unsuspecting caiman before wrestling it out of the water and away for dinner.

While leading a tour through the Encontros Das Aguas State Park, Brazil, naturist guide Fernando Frosini started following the big cat, a local celebrity known as ‘Mick Jaguar’.

Seeing its head poke out of the water, the jaguar leaps out of the water on to a seemingly invisible target, before dragging its prey out of the river in its jaws.

Clambering up on to the bank with the caiman in its teeth in September 2018, it subdues its dinner by straddling its back before walking off into the rainforest.

Abigail Martin, from the Jaguar ID Project, said: “The photographers onboard were ecstatic to get those shots.

“Jaguars need to eat about 4-5kg of meat a day but when they kill something this big they can eat much more.

“When they get a big kill, we have seen individuals stay with that kill for two days until it starts to rot then they will continue on hunting for something new.

“In the Pantanal caiman are their favourite and main food source.”

Jaguar Identification Project is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2013 which utilizes citizen-science to build a database on individual jaguars from the northern Pantanal region.

It is an interactive way that scientists and citizens alike can help protect these beautiful creatures.