Video Viral

By Michael Scott

As thousands of revellers took to Broad Street in Birmingham on Valentine’s Day, a few partygoers took it too far, with two men being wrestled to the ground after being ejected from Rosie’s nightclub. 

Footage shows the men being piled on by the bouncers in an attempt to stop them lashing out.

At one point footage shows a bouncer, identified under the number 111, punching the reveller in the face as he is restrained on the floor. 

The revellers are later arrested and taken away, no action was taken against the bouncer at that time. 

Pictures also show Birmingham police officers ordering two men to pick up empty happy crack canisters that they disposed of out of their car whilst parked up on the nightclub strip. 

They car cruisers reluctantly swept up the capsules with their shoes and put them in their car before being ordered out of the area.