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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

 This porky photobomber – known as Pumba the micro pig – has stolen the limelight at his owner’s big day.

Taking on the role of chief entertainer at the nuptials, the one-year-old pig, who lives with owners Callum and Abbie Braley in The Leigh, Gloucester, was caught in every photo.

From grazing in the background of the groom’s shot with his best man, to hogging the limelight in the bride’s arms, Pumba was centre of attention. 

Professional rugby player Callum, 24, and personal assistant Abbie, 29, were determined to invite their prized pet along to their wedding in June last year and include him in some of their posed shots. 

But it wasn’t until they looked back at their wedding pictures earlier this month that they realised Pumba had also photobombed all their candid wedding shots too.  

Pic by Caters News

Abbie, 29, personal assistant said: “We couldn’t not invite Pumba to our wedding day, he’s part of the family. 

“Pumba spent the day running around, grazing and making friends with the children.

“We’re used to him but everyone else is shocked or fascinated.

“But people can also be wary, yet he’s so friendly and wags his tail.

“We had the wedding in a field, all outdoors in summer so it was perfect for him.

Pic by Caters News

“The dogs were there too, and my three horses, but Pumba definitely became the star of the show – it wasn’t the intention for him to be in so many photos.

“It’s hilarious looking back on them as he’s photobombed them all.”

Abbie says it was her decision to own Pumba after spotting a micro pig breeder online. 

Despite being a micro pig, Pumba has the potential to reach the weight of eight stone when full grown when he reaches the age of five and Abbie said guests to their home are often surprised by his size.

She added: “I somehow managed to persuade Callum. 

Pic by Caters News

“I’d grown up surrounded by animals and had kept horses. 

“I had stumbled across Pumba’s breeder on Instagram and once doing my research I realised he could live inside and be part of the family.

“Callum decided to get him as my birthday present and I loved him straight away.

“Pumba is so sassy – the sass is unreal.

“Food is everything to him, and he always wants to be with us, coming on walks.

“He hates being on his own, he’s just like a dog only much smarter.” 

Pic by Caters News

Pumba donned his own bow tie for the wedding, and spent the day rubbing shoulders with all of his new family’s guests.

Abbie said: “It was amazing have him with us for the day, he is so loved by everyone. 

“The photos we have from the wedding are so funny.”

Pigs are believed to be highly intelligent, with Pumba’s owners insisting he is perfectly house-trained. 

After living with the family for 15 months, he has settled in perfectly with the couple’s Dalmatians Brody and Beau.

Pic by Caters News

Abbie said: “He loves the dogs – he gets in their bed and sits on them, he thinks he’s one of them.

“He’s a year old now and could grow a little more – but I never thought I’d love a pig this much.”

“People aren’t aware of what good pets pigs can be.

“He’s not going to grow massive, but people should know that the tiny piglets they see on Instagram aren’t always a micro pig.

“People need to go to a proper breeder so they can see the parents – we know that Pumba won’t go above knee height.”