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By Taniya Dutta 

A hip-hop singer who dyes her Maltipoo pink is hitting back at her critics – claiming her dog is just as “fabulous as her”.

Gwenneisa lillard,  28, a hip-hop and R&B singer from Hosutan, Texas, regularly dyes five-year-old Maltipoo Hunny in different shades of pink.

The pooch has become a sensation after being featured in her mum’s music videos – with her outlandish appearance has even earned her the name of ‘doggie Beyonce’ from startling viewers and commuters.

But even though Gwenneisa tells people that the dye used to colour Hunny’s coat is completely vegan, she still gets slammed by animal lovers who see it as an animal torture. 

She said: “People love to take pictures with her but there are some people who see her and think that colouring her is harmful. 

PIC FROM Gwenneisa Iillard/Caters News

“They are just uninformed. 

“They say she didn’t ask to be coloured outside of her natural colour, and ask me why I would change her natural colour. 

“But she also doesn’t ask for me to get her groomed at all. 

“She doesn’t ask me to feed her take her to the vet or let her outside to use the bathroom either.

“But I am her mum and I do what is right for her. 

“I get my hair done every week and so does she. She’s very well loved and taken care of.

PIC FROM Gwenneisa Iillard/Caters News

“The people who call this animal cruelty need to go after people who are actually abusing their dogs and not people who spends hundreds of dollars a month on keeping their dogs looking amazing.

“If you want your dog to look basic or untouched fine, that’s your right – but Hunny is my dog and she’s fabulous just like her mother.”

The singer says she doesn’t dye Hunny herself but spends $150 to 175 USD [£117 to £136] on getting her coat dyed every couple of months by professional groomers. 

Gwenneisa has even been trolled by people who have tagged PETA in her posts but she maintains that as a mother of her dog, she knows what is best for her.

She said: “People tag me to PETA and say rude things from time to time but they’re just misinformed. Hunny gets way more love than hate.

“I think they’re idiots. 

PIC FROM Gwenneisa Iillard/Caters News

“There are a lot of dogs in this world actually getting abused, staved and beaten or forced to fight other dogs. 

“My dog is pampered at a dog salon and spoiled.

“This is not something done in my kitchen. Hunny’s hair is done at a professional dog grooming salon. 

“The dye is vegan or vegetable oil based and completely safe for animals. 

“It’s completely safe and she’s very happy and healthy.

“The colour fades over time.

PIC FROM Gwenneisa Iillard/Caters News

“Her hair cost anywhere from 150 to 175 dollars.  I get her washed once a weak and brush her every other day.”

Gwenneisa said she couldn’t be more proud of the fluffy pooch, who was given to her as a gift from her boyfriend and is also an emotional support dog. 

She said: “Hunny was four weeks old when I got her.

“She is an emotional support dog so she literally goes with me everywhere I go. 

“I am a musician and I wanted her to stand out in my videos and be a part of what I was doing because I take her everywhere I go.

“I always put her in my music videos but never take Hunny on stage because she’s way to friendly and I don’t know how she will act in a hug crowed.

“Hunny is very famous – they call her doggie Beyoncé.

“People love her because she’s full of energy, very playful and sweet.”