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By Niamh Shackleton 

These tiny globetrotters have visited over 70 counties between them thanks to their extravagant lifestyle. 

Siblings Esme Bayes, four, and Quinn, one, have travelled all over the globe with their parents Karen Edwards, 34 and Shaun Bayes, 33. 

After deciding to spend her maternity leave planning adventures in 2015, Karen has been living out of a rucksack ever since. 

The family of four are now planning to embark on their latest expedition after deciding to sell their house in Crystal Palace, London. 

Karen, a nurse, said: “It all started on my first maternity leave with Esme. 

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“When she was just six months old we decided to go to Singapore, and we continued to travel for 10 months before heading home. 

“Esme has since been to over 40 countries, and Quinn has been to around 28.

“Our family thought we were crazy at first but they’re used to our adventures now. 

“Thankfully Quinn loves jet-setting across the globe just as much as Esme.”

The super adventurous siblings have been to countries such as Hong Kong, Bali, Colombia, Panama, Taiwan, and Bolivia. 

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And thankfully as travel-mad dad, Shaun, is a self-employed builder, he was able to take the time off to travel with his family. 

Karen added: “We did a ‘trial period’ holiday with both Esme and Quinn, who was only seven months at the time, to see how it was, as previously we just had the one baby to focus on. 

“We wanted to get to grips with having both of them so decided to make it a super easy trip to see how we got on.

“After our holiday to Majorca, Spain, we came home to London for two weeks then packed up and left again for a nearly a year.

“We’ve done some amazing things like hiked around Machu Picchu, camped in Yosemite, canoed around Lake Louise and seen wild bears in Canada.”

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Previously, the couple rented their house out and sold their car to fund their adventures, but this time, they are looking for a long-term alternative so made the decision to sell up.  

Karen said: “This time round we’re trying to sell our house instead of just renting it. 

“We then want to invest the money from the house into properties outside of London so we can live off the rental income. 

“With any extra money we have, Shaun and I would love to renovate a truck or camper van for us to travel in.”

And while some parents may dread taking their toddlers abroad, Esme and Quinn have found it has become second nature to them. 

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They are planning on heading to new territory this year and want to explore the Kazakhstan area.  

Karen said: “The first time was hard, it was a struggle with two kids, but it gets easier and Esme and Quinn begin to get used to flying and things – Quinn just likes to run up and down the aisle.

“We’ve done so much of Asia and The America’s so we wanted to go somewhere different that we can do a prolonged road trip from Europe. 

“We’ve learned the easiest way to travel with kids is in a camper van having trialled that a few times so we’re looking forward to renovating one.

“We can’t wait for our next family adventure!”

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