Animals Video

By Josh Saunders

This disgruntled dog could certainly steal the limelight in the Ministry of Silly WALKIES as he shows his annoyance at new boots to protect him from ice.

Owner Sarah Pennington, 20, invested in the paw protecting attire for canine companion Daisy to prevent her from getting hurt.

She feared the pads of the three-year-old mongrel could suffer ice burns during the Polar Vortex, which saw temperatures in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, drop as low as -7 degrees Fahrenheit [-21C]. 

But after putting the $75 [£59] rubber soled booties on rescue dog Daisy, she had other ideas as shown in the chuckle-inducing clip.

The dog slowly lifts her legs high in an unusual paddling motion, looking clearly unhappy with her owner.


Her silly walk has been compared to a human walking in flippers, a funny dance and the unhappy hound trying to hobble around without her feet touching the ground.

Sarah, a cinematic film student, said: “I had a feeling she wasn’t going to like them as she can be a bit stubborn at times.

“For me it looked like she was trying to walk without her feet touching the floor, which wouldn’t work but she tried it anyway.

“My mom thought she looked like a human trying to walk in flippers.


“Daisy is happy about life generally, but she was giving me the stink eye after I took her boots off.

“It was a golden moment I’m glad I filmed it despite her disliking my aesthetic choice for her.

“I felt bad as it’s normal for dogs to wear shoes, but it was in her best interests to wear them and it’s hard to explain that to a dog.

“We walk around all the time so between that and the really cold temperatures we seem to have more with climate change, it seemed to make sense.

“For a week with the wind chill we were in the negative teens, had snow and ice on the sidewalks, it was pretty bad and very cold.”


Sarah decided to buy boots for her dog after noticing the potentially dangerous conditions outside.

After the Polar Vortex struck the US, it was more evidential that they were needed.

Sarah said: “It was an investment as I wanted the best for her.

“They are two different sizes, one pair for the front and the other for her back paws.

“They are similar to what you would expect from human shoes – they have a rubber soul, gripped texture and a Velcro loop for around the paw.

“I realised the boots were needed for practical reasons, but some people think you are a crazy dog mom who dresses up their pet.”


Since the hilarious encounter, which was filmed less than two weeks ago the pair have hit the streets and thankfully Daisy is starting to take a liking to her new footwear.

Sarah added: “I have put them on her since and she was a little better with them.

“I had her run but even when she was running, she was trying to avoid contact with the floor as much as possible.

“It’s a working progress but we’ll get there, I’m sure I’ll have to use food at some point.”

Daisy’s breed is unknown, but it’s believed she is part boxer and pit bull. 

She was adopted in August 2016 by Sarah, after being recovered from the streets, where she was living as a stray.


Daisy was due to be euthanised until Sarah stepped in and decided to take her in – she says she has never looked back.

Sarah, who has the compulsory hair pulling disorder called trichotillomania, has felt more confident since adopting the dog. 

She added: “Daisy is more of a working dog than just a pet, she has been a great addition to my life.

“She rescued me as much as I rescued her, I’m glad we are both together and she brings such joy.”