Offbeat Video

By Nelson Groom

This is the deserted Australian wildlife park that holds a big secret – a monster great white shark preserved in a green tank.

Spooky footage has emerged of the 4m predator nestled deep in the dilapidated grounds of the Wildlife Wonderland park in Bass, Victoria.

Pic by Luke McPherson/Caters News

Urban explorer Luke McPherson, 31, opened a window into the once-bustling business he visited as a child that is now succumbing to ruin.

As if its post-apocalyptic condition is not sinister enough, the venue was forced to shut up shop in 2012 out of animal welfare concerns.

Luke McPherson, 31, said: “Once I got the light behind the tank I was like ‘wow that’s creepy’!”

“The fumes were so bad you couldn’t last longer than a minute in that room, the formaldehyde must have been evaporating.”

Pic by Luke McPherson/Caters News

“The tank was huge and in bad condition, with a rusting metal frame and smashed panels of glass and trash thrown inside.”

The tank is filled with formaldehyde, a chemical preservative that can cause severe burns and breathing problems to humans exposed to it.

The shark died in a fishing net in 1998 and was kept in the tank until the park was shut down in 2012 by the Department of Sustainability and Environment.
Luke’s video of the beast has captured the imagination of the internet, with millions of views and comments from over the plant.

Pic by Luke McPherson/Caters NewS

But Luke said he was initially drawn to the site for different reasons.

Luke said: “I didn’t come here for the shark but was compelled after the park shut down because I came here growing up.”

“I’m definitely surprised at how viral it’s gone, I think everyone thinks it’s a live shark and that they want to know what happened!”

“Abandoned buildings are always eerie, you never know if there are squatters there, other explorers, wildlife.”

“You always have to stay vigilant.”