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By Hollie Bone

A mum whose son was stabbed to death has secured the UK’s first ever life-saving ‘bleed kits’ in pubs across her home city – with plans to establish 1,000 more in venues across the rest of the UK.

Lynne Baird, 62, lost son Daniel, 26, when he bled to death in minutes outside a pub in Digbeth, Birmingham, after being knifed while out celebrating a new job with friends in July 2017.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Since his death, the mum-of-eight has dedicated herself to preventing other stabbing deaths in the UK – raising £12,000 for the Daniel Baird Foundation.

Lynne, a carer, has now revealed her campaign will see Birmingham become the first city in the UK to have bleed control kits and specialist first aid training rolled out in pubs, schools, shops and other venues.

The packs – which include pressure dressings, gauze bandages and tourniquets – are designed to prevent stab-related deaths in the same way public defibrillators have been credited with a drop in heart attack deaths.

Lynne said: “After Daniel died, all I could think about was ‘let’s get these kits out there’.

“I was just worried that someone else might bleed to death.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“Stabbings are still happening now – this is happening in London all the time and even here in Birmingham.

“Stabbing victims are just left on the street, and there is nothing you can do after three to five minutes if their attacker has hit an artery.

“I discovered these kits already existed in the US but when I tried to find some of the kits in the UK, I actually had to put them together myself as they didn’t exist here.

“I got in touch with a medical firm and had a few made up for me, thinking we would just hand some out to the local pubs in memory of Daniel, but they were too expensive for me to fund alone.”

Daniel had just passed his final interview for a new job at Jaguar Land Rover the same morning he was killed and had planned to marry and get a house with partner Gemma.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters NewsBut he was knifed outside a bar where an altercation broke out between another punter and one of Daniel’s friends.

One man charged with Daniel’s murder is currently facing a six week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Lynne said: “Some days I don’t want to move – it’s just awful.

“I remember the morning like it was yesterday, that day will never leave my mind. He went to the gym and never came back.

“It was just such a shock because I never saw Dan again, he just said ‘see you later’ and off he went.

“They must have thought ‘let’s go and make a night out of it’ after drinking at their local pub, but I wish he had never gone.

“When I asked at the hospital ‘can we see him?’ we didn’t even know that he was dead.”

After Daniel was killed, realising how crucial those few minutes are for stab victims, Lynne set about researching how fatal stab wounds can be reduced.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Lynne discovered a programme was being rolled out in the US, where bleed control kits were being distributed into schools and venues in every state.

But she was shocked to discover that these life-saving kits didn’t even exist in the UK.

Now Lynne is working with the West Midlands Ambulance Service and Birmingham City Council’s Community Safety Partnership, who have pledged £4,000 to put the kits and training as many places around the city as possible.

The Bulls Head in Birmingham city centre has become the first UK venue to receive one of the kits and Lynne hopes there will be many more to come in a matter of weeks.

Lynne is also in talks with a major pub chain, which has some 1,300 venues across the UK, to get the kits distributed throughout its venues.

But, while Lynne is positive about the work, she is doing to help others, nothing can make her forget the day she lost her son.

She said: “I wanted to see Birmingham become the first ‘control the bleed’ city ever in the UK.

“I strongly suspect that other cities and towns will follow this exciting lead.

“I am so proud to have been a small part of this initiative.”