Video Viral

By David Aspinall

An adorable two-year-old knows the importance of learning CPR as she showed off her incredible talents.

While sitting in her dad Chris’s office on January 26, Saige Ella Pietroforte was captured honing her life-saving skills on a new mannequin.

Showing perfect form, the talented toddler pushes down on its chest before breathing air into the doll’s mouth.

Chris, who owns Central Valley CPR in California, USA, said: He said: “The reaction of people is priceless.

“When Saige performs her skills in front of people, they’re amazed and start to take pictures and videos.

“I am a proud father of a smart little girl and her willingness to learn and help people.

“When asked what she wants to do when she gets older, she says ‘help with big owies’.

“She watches Chicago Fire with me and says people have big ‘owies’ and need a blue band aid.”

Fire lieutenant Chris started teaching CPR in 200 and open his office in 2002.

He said: “Saige started learning at 14 months and has kept it up ever since.

“I think everyone should learn CPR.

“It is a great skill to learn and any one can.

“If a two-year-old can learn what’s stopping adults from learning?

“It is an important skill for people to learn because it helps everyone in need.”