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By Randal Coombs

An adorable puppy rescued from the Chinese meat trade still loves life despite his tongue constantly lolling out of his mouth.

Precious pooch Rudy may look a little goofy, but the one-year-old bulldog stole owner Kelli O’Neill & Scott Eric Olivier’s hearts so much they drove 100 miles to adopt him.

Now living with Kelli and Scott in California, the fun-loving canine gets so excited when playing that whenever his toys squeak, his tongue falls out of his mouth.

Kelli said: “Rudy loves to chase toys and we believe his tongue is the first thing his body activates when he’s excited.

“His tongue has made some parts of eating a little difficult at times, but nothing major aside from the huge mess he leaves behind next to his food and water bowls.”

Having been born in Harbin, China, Rudy was rescued by a charity called Slaughterhouse Survivors, who intercepted a truck full of dogs bound for a slaughterhouse just five minutes before it reached its intended destination.

The rescuers from Slaughterhouse Survivors paid the driver off and quickly began removing the dogs that were smashed together in wire cages and piled on top of one another.

Kelli said: “After piecing together what information they gave us, we discovered that Rudy was thrown out into the streets from what is believed to be a breeding location because he was too ugly.

“We are unsure of how many months he lived on those terrifying streets but whatever he experienced there is still very much a part of him.”

After his rescue in China, Rudy was fostered by a bulldog rescue called RoadDogs, and they were the organisation Kelli and Scott contacted when their previous dog Sunshine passed away.

Kelli said: “Because of his different appearance, Rudy doesn’t always get along with other dogs but is a hit with humans.

“He absolutely loves people and will run up to anyone to try and give them some of his snorts and kisses.

“He loves to go for rides in the car but only down side streets because he can’t peer out the window on the highway at high speeds.

“He loves looking out of open windows and smiling at other drivers at stop lights.

“People are constantly taking his picture and holding up traffic.”