weight loss

By Mollie Tracey

A woman has dropped seven stone after an embarrassing holiday snap with a camel showed she had ‘more lumps’ than the animal.

Natalie Buxton, 30, weighed a whopping 19 stone after her addiction to carbs left her piling on the pounds.

Pic from Caters News

The full time mum was mortified after she broke a chair at her parent-in-laws house due to her bulging waistline and struggled to squeeze into size 24 trousers.

But it wasn’t until she saw a holiday snap of herself standing next to a camel that Natalie realised her own size.

Pic from Caters News

In a desperate attempt to shed the pounds, Natalie ditched her daily diet of bread and cakes and in just eight months has lost an amazing seven stone.

Natalie from Long Eaton, Derbyshire, said: “I was the same size as the camel, I couldn’t believe how big I had let myself get.

“The picture was taken during a family holiday to Lanzarote in 2015, I was with my husband, Matthew, 40 and when he showed it to me I couldn’t help but think I had more lumps than the camel.

Pic from Caters News – After weight loss

“But this wasn’t the only embarrassing thing to happen, we were at my parent-in-laws house and as I sat down on a chair it completely snapped and I fell to the ground.

“No one said anything, and the chair was taken away, but we all knew it broke because of my weight, I could have died of embarrassment.

“Bread and cakes have always been my weakness, I would eat garlic bread or naan bread with every meal and I would regularly bake cakes that were full of butter and eat them at work, but I knew this had to change.

Pic from Caters News

“Matthew is really proud of all the weight I’ve managed to lose but he has joked that the weight loss has cost him a fortune because I’ve had to have a whole new wardrobe.”

Natalie admits that she had always been big but it wasn’t until her late twenties that she reached her heaviest.

She added: “I was chubby in my teens and then when I hit adulthood the pounds piled on.

“I took cake into work three times a week and would eat packets of biscuits whilst sitting at my desk.

Pic from Caters News

“I loved cooking with cream and butter and I filled up on pasta, bread and cakes.

“After having my little boy, William, one, I realised I had barely been in any photos with my daughter, Isabelle, three, and the only ones I had were awful.

“I wanted to make nice memories with them but was too ashamed to take photos.”

Natalie was stuck in her ways and didn’t realise her size, but after seeing the embarrassing holiday snap where she felt as though she looked the same size as a camel, she knew she couldn’t carry on any longer.

Natalie said: “After seeing the photo I told Matthew I wanted to do something about my weight, he didn’t believe at first me but a few days later I joined Slimming World.

Pic from Caters News

“I cut out eating any sort of bread, and I also stopped baking cakes.

“I joined the gym where I did spin classes and boot camp session every week, and I also did a HIT DVD every morning at home.

“In just under eight months I had lost six and a half stone, I now weigh 11st 5lb and can fit into a size 12, it feels amazing.

“Since losing the weight everything has changed, I am finally able to play with the kids without getting out of breath, and I have so much more energy now.

“I’m the smallest I’ve ever been, I’m even smaller than when I first met Matthew 13 years ago.”


Breakfast – cereals then a bacon sandwich
Lunch – fish and chips with bread and butter
Dinner – curry and naan bread or lasagne with garlic bread
Snack – biscuits, cake

Breakfast – overnight oats with frozen berries
Lunch – stir fry or salad
Dinner – chilli