Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

A family have created an amazing frozen tree – which resembles a rainbow – for the 58th year running after spraying it with food dye.

The colourful tree which resembles a ice sculpture stands in Indianapolis, US, and has attracted hundreds of visitors since 1961.

Janet Veal, 66 and her family, create the colourful tree by mixing food colouring and spray the dye onto trees in their garden which freeze and make the most amazing ice tree.

The family are proud of their creation and make signs for visitors to come and visit for free.

She said: “We mix powdered food colouring dye with water and spray the dye onto the Ice Tree with a garden sprayer attached to the end of a hose.

“The ideal temperatures to grow an ice tree are between 29 and five degrees, this usually happens in January.

“Originally the water for the ice tree came from the house well. We installed a submersible pump in the pond with underground outlets in 1966. 

“We start building the ice tree frame in January using scrap lumber and binder. We then add traditional garden hoses to the frame along with tree limbs.

“We add the fresh cut brush as the tree’s underneath are dead. After the ice becomes solid, more brush is added, the hoses are relocated, and the cycle starts anew.

“In an average year, it grows 35 to 40 feet.

“The ice tree usually melts by April however one year it endured until May 5th.”

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