Video Viral

By Mollie Mansfield

A girl was pranked by her boyfriend when the laptop she wanted for for Valentine’s Day ended up being made out of CARDBOARD.

As Valentine’s Day was approaching, Jeff Gunn, 32, from Boise, Idaho, US, headed to his girlfriend’s online wish list and saw that she wanted a new laptop.

However, deciding that just giving her the laptop would be boring, he decided to prank his beau, Jessica Johnson, 25, by ‘surprising’ her with what she thought was a computer.

But when she opened the gift, which was concealed in a laptop box, she was shocked when the gadget she received was made out of cardboard – complete with working buttons and a ‘desktop wallpaper’ of the couple.

After pranking the caterer, Jeff revealed he wanted her to pick out her own laptop that night – and forked out $480 (£372) on the real deal.

Jessica said: “I have an online wish list so I put anything that I want on there, and that’s where Jeff saw that I needed a new laptop.

“When I walked into the room and saw the laptop box, I was so shocked and couldn’t believe that he had bought me – what I thought was – a laptop.

“But then when I opened the box and saw the fake, cardboard version, I couldn’t stop laughing.

“He spent a month and a half making the fake and did it so well that I couldn’t be mad at him or disappointed at all – even the keys worked!

“But as soon as he gave me the fake, he told me he wanted me to pick out my own at the store, so we went later that night, and that was a massive surprise too.”

Jeff said: “I knew that Jessica needed a laptop, but I was worried I’d get the wrong one so I wanted her to pick out her own, but there had to be something to open – gift cards are boring.

“Her reaction went from super excited, to completely let down.

“She laughed it off, but I could tell how disappointed she was, so I told her ‘lets go right now and pick you out a real one’.

“She couldn’t get in the car fast enough – and it wasn’t until the next day that she started to really appreciate the fake one.”

Despite wanting to get a laugh out of his other half, Jeff, a business owner, took Jessica to the shop later that night to pick out a fully functioning laptop – that wasn’t made out of cardboard.

She said: “Jeff and I went to pick out a laptop that night and he bought me a HP laptop which I picked out, which cost $480.

“In comparison, the one that Jeff made was completely free – except for him printing out the photo for the ‘wallpaper’ and laminating it.

“I was so excited when I got the real one – it works so much better than my other seven-year-old laptop, so it was definitely time for an upgrade!”

Jessica explains that, alongside herself finding it hilarious, family and friends have found the gesture romantic as well as funny.

She said: “Everyone has thought that it was such a cute gesture.

“But, like myself, everyone also thought it was a massive gesture to do just for Valentine’s Day – but I am very grateful.

“I think Jeff was tired of me getting upset with my old laptop, and decided it was more of a ‘need’ instead of just a want, but obviously wanted to put a bit of fun into the gift giving.”