Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto

A daring adventurer walked along a rope tied to an abandoned gold dredge half-submerged in the snow.

On December 6, 2018, German record-holding slackliner Friedrich Kühne performed the stunt in the midst of an extraordinary snowy scenery close to Fairbanks, Alaska.

 Friedrich walks above the dilapidated structure with ease, even balancing on one foot on the suspended rope.

Friedrich said: “This was probably the coldest highlining I’ve ever done. 

“The cold makes it harder for your muscles to be warm and smooth and relaxed, which is very important for highlining, so balancing in the cold is tricky. 

“But also setting the line up was way way harder, imagine touching icy cold steel and trying to work with knots, screws and the tiny rigging mechanisms with your bare hands at -20°.”

Friedrich said the cold was the main reason why he decided not to perform a free solo walk on this particular line.

He said: “Walking from one side to the other took about two minutes, but I was playing around on this line for about 20 minutes in total.

“On this highline I had a safety leash on, as there was way too little time with the cold to prepare adequately for a free solo walk.”