By Mollie Mansfield

A photographer has captured the moment a greedy puffin proudly showed off his mass catch out of the day.

Robert Harvey, 67, was visiting an offshore island private reserve along the South Coast of Iceland when he saw an Atlantic puffin perched on a mountain in front of him.

Pic By Robert Harvey/ Caters News

Upon closer examination, the photographer, from Missouri, US, noticed that the puffin’s mouth was full of food – as he proudly showed off his catch on the rock.

The photographer then quickly grabbed his camera to capture the moments the proud bird puffed out his chest and gloated about his catch, before feeding the fish to his young.

Robert said: “I have photographed a lot of puffins in a great number of positions – but this set of images captures the challenge of a puffin parent going out to sea and coming back with a beak full of food for the young.

Pic By Robert Harvey/ Caters News

“In these photos the adult puffin has just arrived back from fishing – it is wet from swimming underwater in pursuit of the fish and has somehow managed to catch a whole mouthful of fish.

“I have never figured out how puffins can catch one fish, hold it while they catch the next one, until they have a full catch – all while swimming underwater.

“This puffin flew out from the burrow to where the fishing is good, caught enough fish to feed the chick, and will have to repeat often to keep that chick growing.

“They often have to fly a long way to the perfect fishing spot to catch fish and then fly back with the weight of the fish in their beak.”