Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A skilful freediver carried a heavy rock through the ocean floor while holding her breath.

Sofia Gomez Uribe is a record-holding freediver from Medellin, Colombia, and on November 30, 2018, she completed yet another impressive stunt as she dived in the waters around the island of Dominica.

The 26-year-old descended into the depths together with a heavy rock before stomping through the seabed to bring the stone back to shore.

In the video shot by underwater filmmaker Daan Verhoeven – which was released online in January 2019 – Sofia is seen pushing through sand, stones and even a sunken tree log as she climbs a steep submarine slope.

Sofia said: “Actually, this freedive wasn’t particularly hard because the rock makes you heavier which makes it easier to run underwater, although the fact that it was uphill made it a little challenging.

“On the other hand, I think for Daan it was a challenge because his mask broke from the first shot so he couldn’t see much.

“Fortunately, he is an amazing underwater cameraman, he rocks.”