Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A trapped snake was freed from a metal bar using an angle grinder mere millimetres away from its belly.

Barry Goldsmith from Snake Catchers Victoria was called out to a report of an Australian lowland copperhead on February 8 and found the serpent in a stick situation.

Having found the venomous reptile trapped on February 8, his crew carefully sliced through the metal with the fast spinning angle grinder.

Holding it tightly, they skilfully managed to slice with a hairs-breadth of the snake’s scales without leaving a mark, before freeing it.

Barry said: “We think the snake was trapped for about 10 hours, but fortunately we got it free within five minutes.

“I was holding the pointy end of the snake while the grinder was being used and while the sanek was quite stuck, it was able to lift its body away from the steel if it got to hot.