Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

A lucky diver makes friends with manatees on his trips.

Casey Tomasiak is somewhat of a whisperer when it comes to the massive marine mammals.

While swimming in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Three Sisters Springs, Florida, the 33-year-old has had the seacows come up to him and plant a kiss on his mask.

On another occasion, Casey has been surrounded by three manatees and one of the endangered species has even rolled over to have its belly patted.

Casey said: “In general manatees are very curious and they can be very inquisitive.

“You’re not allowed to grab or chase them but if they come up to you in this area then you’re allowed to interact with an open hand.

“Manatees are heavily impacted by humans and boating.

“Many of them have scars from boat propellers and it’s estimated that 25-30% of manatee deaths in Florida are caused by watercraft.”