By Jamie Smith

Two hikers were left red-faced after an Indonesian volcano erupted in the shape of a giant penis.

Adventure enthusiast and photographer, Josiah Gordan, 23, was climbing Java’s highest active volcano, Semeru, with friend, Megan Hassa when the eruptions began.

Pic by Josiah Gordon/Caters News

After a two-day hike to reach the top, Josiah and Megan were admiring the view below, when the lava began spewing into the air only a few hundred feet from where they were standing.

But the pair’s awe quickly turned to blushes after the smoke cloud quickly transformed into a phallic shape.

Josiah, from Hogansville in Georgia, USA, said: “I was just completely in awe.

“Since the eruptions were happing quite often I took turns watching them and taking it all in as well as trying to find a way to best capture them in my camera.

“The plumes were swiftly changing shapes as the smoke rising seemed to be traveling at 1,000 kilometres per hour.

Pic by Josiah Gordon/Caters News 

“But the phallic cloud formation in the photo only lasted in the sky for less than a few seconds – no pun intended.

“It wasn’t until the next day that I was scrolling through the images and realised that the clouds had formed what seemed like a giant ‘you know what’.”

Josiah said the incredible experience left him feeling humbled and lucky to have witnessed such a spectacle – but it didn’t bypass his sense of humour.

He added: “My friend Megan was standing there just enjoying and taking in this incredible moment while, unknown to her, there was giant penis floating above her head.”