By Jamie Smith

 It’s time to pucker up! A gorilla has taught his family how to pout like pros. 

The infamous pouter, Richard, is already a viral superstar who is often referred to as the most photogenic gorilla alive.

Pic by Lucie Stepnickova/Caters News 

 Waitress Lucie Štěpničková, 32, was visiting Prague Zoo when he spotted Richard teaching his partner, Shinda and his son, Ajabu, how to pout to the camera and blow kisses.

Lucie – who is a keen wildlife photographer – was over the moon with the hilarious shots. 

Pic by Lucie Stepnickova/Caters News –

Lucie said: “It looks as though Richard and his whole family were blowing kisses at the camera.

“It absolutely warms my heart to see the gorillas behaving this way.

“They are my favourite family to photograph”