Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A brave woman risked her life to save a dog which had fallen down a 12-metre-deep-well.

On January 26, student Dayana Reyes González made a courageous descent into the well which could have collapsed on to her at any moment in the Barrio Villa Libertador, Córdoba, Argentina, to save the life of an injured dog.

With the help of a harness and some ropes operated by a team of fellow rescuers, Dayana was able to bring the pooch back to safety after five tense minutes spent under the ground.

Sadly, however, a second dog which had fallen in the well had already drowned by the moment Dayana got to the bottom. 

Dayana said: “I felt that I had to act immediately, that I was one of the few people that would enter the well, and if I did not do it, nobody would. 

“While I was going down, the first thing I thought was, if it’s my turn to die, it’s doing what I like, saving the lives of innocents.

“I felt fear when pieces of earth fell on me, and I felt sadness for the other who had drowned.

“I cried a lot the next day.”